Friday, 25 May 2007

Why I quit CSF

As some of you may know, I resigned my membership of CSF yesterday. The admin and friends (let's call them the CSFleet for short) have been, and probably will continue to, spread misinformation about this.

I quit because, in amongst a bunch of rules (posted by Chris Giddens) most of which seemed well-intended, was one which stuck out like a sore thumb: the banning of non-'pure' LEGO creations with a few exceptions to make modifications of the CSFleet fit the new rules. This came under a week after Chris and others in the CSFleet had launched a full-scale bullying attack on Nnenn for his use of clones, locking the thread after allowing Adrian Drake to get a last word in. Ironically soon after this earlier attack I had PMed Nnenn on the site to offer my sympathies, and, had suggested that if he were pushed out that I would join him in leaving. Little did I know that my suggestion would be tested so soon.

My decision to quit was motivated entirely by what I saw as bullying tactics by the CSFleet and their refusal to acknowledge that this was even a possibility. Chris grudgingly (from my reading) created a special forum for Clones and Mods (except those accepted by the CSFleet which could remain in the main forum) as a sort of segregated compromise which I found moderately acceptable however the accompanying description and ensuing 'justification' of the whole issue led me to believe that the compromise was nothing but a way to appease some members while maintaining the bullying attitude in officialdom and that this was something I couldn't be party too by remaining a member of the site.

So I quit.

As a side-note to the issue...

I freely admit that some of my actions in this thread weren't done in the best way myself. I have a habit of seeing the worst in people (myself and friends included) due to a strong cynicism of human nature. I probably should have been more quiet in my first response and I probably shouldn't have bothered arguing with Mark Sandlin's nothingisms. My first reply was not intended to be offensive but I can see how it could be taken as such. I should have kept some of my thoughts to myself or to private communication, rather than posting them on JLUG. I shouldn't have attributed to malice that which could have been explained by incompetence.

Many people have spoken out strongly in favour of Chris' motives and personality, and, as pointed out I don't know the guy. What I do know is from his online persona, and what I see is a proud, mostly benevolent but narrow-minded bully sitting at the center of a group of yesmen.



The above was written while I was still quite angry over the events I mentioned and I'd like to take the time to correct some of what I've said. I should not have used the term or referred to the CSFleet as being involved in this. Subsequent activity has shown that for the most part this decision was Chris acting alone and that most of the attacks back at me were people defending their friend from what they percieved as an attack on character. Furthermore, the comment about yesmen was added to stir people and should never have been put there. I have also become convinced that Chris' activities were not intended maliciously. However, his refusal to budge, to accept what effect these actions have had, and to make the new system fairer, give an essentially identical result at the end.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Spencer Rezkalla makes beautiful seven-wide trains (and lots of other stuff). All I really need to say, check it out.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Right Said FRED

Is too sexy for his caboose. Too sexy for his caboose, it hurts.