Monday, 15 February 2010

My new pillow is soft

Shit yeah!!!! I've got a blog too once I blow off the dust.

We here at twee affectPimping the unpimped are apparently known for picking on a particular member of the online communitynot blogging. Because this person is under 18, a bunch of know-it-all adults get protective because he's such a sweet innocent kid who deletes comments he disagrees withblog exists we can write shit about people. Like Nnenn, but youngera real blog, but less verbose. Anyway, these AHOLsother bloggers like to think that they are so mature and wise and people that disagree are just bitter/jealous/mean/troll/ignorantnot amidoinitrite.


Kevoh said...

nicely done.

Gambort said...

It really needed one more home. Six (including my summary) just wasn't enough.