Friday, 9 March 2007

Curse you and your ever-flowing Nazi PABs!

I want to cry and commit suicide. It's so amazingly well done, and so beautifully detailed. I must need glasses because I look at the red roofs and windows and see dark-red, which adds such an amazing texture to the tudor houses. Alas it's probably something to do with the lighting. But I can dream...

It seems Brickshelf user jehkay has really developed his own mecha style; I like the fact that he uses basic bricks that any kiddie would have from buying SW sets and transforms it into such amazing and inspiring mecha. Although I think he needs some work on his APC skillz. :-)

I think this is by far the best minifig scaled Batmobile. Just look at all the neat features and details!

Winner for most unique design using the classic space theme. Hopefully we won't see any "zOMG more greebs and tile dem studs kthxbye" comments from the CSF community.



matth said...

More reasons to hate Europeans.

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