Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Trains trains trains

If there's one area which gets ignored (or not terribly well reported) in the world of LEGO blogs it's trains. Since it helps to have a decent idea of what makes a train special I'm not entirely surprised. The bias of this blog will definitely be towards six-wide trains (if you don't know, don't ask) but I'll post eight-wides if they really tickle my fancy.

Anyway, here's a few builders I'd like to pimp. There's plenty of famous builders whose names are well known but I think these guys are unsung heroes.

Ben Coifmann (aka Zephyr1934) does some very tricky things with 6-wide. I like how his trains don't use showy SNOT but are chock full of the subtle kind. It gives me a good case of second glances.

Jason Railton is a fantastic builder whose models are always crammed full of detail and trickery. He also manages a sideline in adding moving parts which is just cool.

Sekiyama does some very weird stuff but it always has a certain appeal. His building style is bold and oversized but he makes it work.

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