Sunday, 25 March 2007

iBricks mk II

Well it would appear the "safe and friendly" chaps at iBricks are at it again... this time kicking people who have in no way violated their rules (nor in my case even visited in about a while). Jeff Stembel and myself have now been banned. In Jeff's case I'd guess it was for the grave crime of 'debate' but in my case I have done absolutely nothing wrong (and barely posted at all). 'Guilt' by association I guess...

I would strongly recommend that no-one join iBricks for any purpose other than mockery. I have however added it to the list here so you can check it out for yourself. And I thought CSF Mk I (too many mods version) was bad but it appears it was at the far better end of the spectrum.

As far as running a "safe and friendly" community goes I have to award iBricks a big old FAIL STAR

For running a forum to cater to bigots I give them a big old fashioned WIN.



matth said...

I keep thinking about re-registering since the stupid fuckers didn't ip ban me but I must remind myself: what would Jesus do?

:Bob: said...

Well, an ibricks poster was nice to me once but I am a suck up sometimes afterall ;-)

But they did lock a thread that I was involved in just recently - not only can I be a troll apparently, but now I may be a spammer?