Tuesday, 13 March 2007

R.I.P Unit186

So it would seem our favorite CSF and FBTB kiddie has left us, I can’t help but feel this is some kind of act for attention, but I think this might actually be the real thing this time.

My first impressions of Dale was of course “Annoying CSF kiddie” but after awhile I did get to know him a bit, and I did in fact feel bad for him. Because most of us have gone through the same things he has, which is probably why me and Tim deleted most of his notes on Tim’s Classic space remake of LL924 using CS standards of “Good building techniques” when he was making himself look bad by actually taking the notes/comments I made seriously. And after that I felt I should inform him of how we work… and that would be that we’re not being serious 90% of the time on #mecha and Flickr.

I did notice that he’s just starving for attention, and I don’t blame him, and he does deserve it at times for his works. Because quite frankly, I felt he was like some of the other great teen builders out there. using his own ideas and techniques to build things. And that I appreciated. Although sometimes I was annoyed with his antics and way about approaching things, it was good knowing you Dale and rest in peace un till you return once again! :-)

EDIT: Disregard that, he's come back and is annoying as ever...


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Gambort said...

I never knew Dale made this thing. I heart it.