Saturday, 10 March 2007

iBrick's Hidden Agenda

“Safe, Friendly, LEGO Community”

I posted in the iBricks forum topic over at Classic-castle with my first views of the forum. I didn’t have to spend much time on iBricks to know it was run by 12 year olds that murfle/ban with their faith and not with the rules.

I joined the ranks of iBricks to hopefully help a friend out in his discussion, but was to late (Waiting for my account to activate) and regretted signing up, after that I made a few threads and just sat back and watched as the English language was raped across the forum.

When I saw Chuck had started an Evolution topic, the display of bad comments and answers from the kiddie Christian squad showed me that that I could defend the Evolution theory without thinking to hard. let me give you two Questions for example:

“And, cars need "food"(gasoline), and they "dispose of waste"(exhaust), but are they animals?”

“Could anything on this earth besides either a human being or a computer be able to invent something as simple as a lightbulb?”

Those are exact quotes that were copied and pasted here. But by reading that I’m sure you can see how laughable these answers really are.

After reading the Evolution thread for a day and my eyes drying out to the point of crying blood, I finally made a thread explaining just how badly I felt of iBricks and how poorly they have displayed themselves to the rest of the AFOL community. Mind you, I wouldn’t have any of these problems or concerns with this community if it stated at first that it was geared towards Christian Builders. I’m part of a Christian forum, and I want to yell at some of the stupid and bigoted comments, but I know it’s a faith based website, which I now refuse to read because of all the conceited comments I can read in two minutes on there.

30 minutes after replying to my thread Conductorjoe banned me for have an avatar that contained "Sexual innuendo" and deleted my thread entitled "God Forbid"

Safe, Friendly, LEGO Community

P.S: Here's a few last tid-bits you'd like. :-)



mphamann said...

the bastards banned me for my faith!!!1

Soren said...

Plastic Jesus he's my fellow,
comes in red and sometimes yellow,
ridin' on the dashboard of my car.
I don't care if it rains or freezes,
I still got my plastic Jesus.


matth said...

I think you all will find this amusing.

Jeff said...

I hadn't checked ibricks in a few days, and I just noticed they banned me. They'd already deleted the main thread I posted in, and it was at least three days since I'd last posted/PM'd anyone/commented on a profile. Therefore, it was just out of the blue and completely unwarranted.

tatjanap said...

Well, the "big" banning from iBricks in which you (as written here) were caught, too started with me - tatjanap. I was accused of being pedophile. I according conductorjoe's saying did something, but I was never told what exactly. Well, I'm adult, this is true, but my intentions were never to abuse anyone. As much as I love LEGO and loved the forum, I have to agree with what is said here in this blog. I was prety disappointed but not so much because of banning me, but because of the discussions were sometimes really poor even for 12 years or so old kids. Well, one thing I have to correct you here though. Conductorjoe was 14 years old boy at the time he raised KOH castle and after that iBricks so he banned people very consciously but for a lot of he banned just he and God knows why.

iBricks were closed at the end of last year (2007), but I've heared the rummors that they're reestablished again. I don't know if by conductorjoe though.

From the time I was banned I didn't sign up in almost any forum and left the LEGO scene though I've posted on their Message Boards a lot as well, and I had retreated from the public Lego activities. Well, this probably doesn't interest you, but I'm posting this here for all to see what can be done with one wrong word and accusation which kids in a lot of times (it was probably in this banning as well) aren't even aware of how havy it is. Before expressing such accusation toward someone it really needs to be thought first and then said.

I'll never fully recover from this, but I hope so havy false accusations won't happen to anyone else regardless adult or kid.

Well, I'll say only have fun with LEGO and play well!

tatjanap said...

Well, this article is quite old, but it needs some updates on iBricks though.

iBricks was reopened short time after the old iBricks was closed and it named iB3k, had its own domain and the same stuff on board not mentioning that also the same Staff members. Also the same were bannings but this time you could be banned even only because you were adult. Wasn't always said that iBricks or whatever is friendly site and meant for all generations?

In November last year (2008) the board is closed again, this time (according to its owner conductorjoe) for good, but you actually never know when some other forum will grow up from somewhere ruled by CJ.

And bannings? Recolecting my memories on experiences I've had and what I could read written on some forums by former iBricks members it all seams CJ even wasn't the real owner or ruller (whatever you want to believe) of the forums he runned, but it was his mom. That's how they all say, but I still stick to my first believe ... someone here wasn't honest anyway.

I hope this sad story of iBricks is finally finished and we won't encounter another forum called iBricks or whatever which owner will claim it's friendly and at the same ban poeple just because they're adult.

Sometimes I keep wonderring if being adult is actually a sin.

Well this is it and I think now the story about this "friendly" forum is completed.

However here still guilts the saying in the last of my entries - Have fun with LEGO and play well

Anonymous said...

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